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CEU: Window Solutions for Historic Buildings

Join us for an AIA accredited CEU course.

We often think of building projects as new construction. However, the reality is that in any given year there are typically more building renovation and rehabilitation projects undertaken by owners than there are new construction projects. Only a small percentage of these existing building projects fall in the category of "historic", with the associated public programs and design restrictions that go along with that designation. The majority are motivated by changing owner needs, energy concerns, maintenance considerations, and general modernization or upgrade requirements. In all of these cases, windows are often a topic of interest and concern. Should they be replaced or can they be repaired? If they are replaced, what are the options? Which option is best for a particular situation? Understanding how to answer these questions gives architects the ability to work with their clients to make informed decisions and improve the overall outcome of projects.

Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP below.

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